Data-intensive profile for the VAMDC

C. Mendoza (1,2) and VAMDC Collaboration ((1)Centro de Física, IVIC,  Caracas; (2) CeCalCULA, CPTM, Mérida, Venezuela).


Atomic and molecular (A&M) data are required in a wide variety of scientific fields (astrophysics, fusion plasmas, atmospheric physics and chemistry, environmental studies and quantum optics) and in technological applications (lighting, semiconductors, nanotechnology and molecular biology). The Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Center (VAMDC*) [1, 2] is a multinational project launched in July 2009 involving 24 research teams from several countries of the European Union (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom), Russia, Serbia and Venezuela. It is addressing some of the chronic problems in A&M data activities such as database interoperability, user interfaces, informal data exchanges and data provenance, curation and preservation. The VAMDC intends to upgrade and integrate at least 21 A&M databases in order to implement an interoperable cyber-infrastructure for the efficient exchange of atomic and molecular data in several user communities.

In the present talk we review the main features of data-intensive science (e-science) which has already been hailed as the fourth scientific paradigm [3]. Within the context of the VAMDC, we discuss and illustrate several important concepts, namely virtual databases; deployment of A&M database-centric applications as cloud web services [4]; the workflow and Python-script webservices integrators; data curation models; the social network as the end user; the A&M XML schema referred to as XSAMS [5]; the VAMDC node and the TAP-XSAMS data access protocol [6].


  1. C. Mendoza, L. A. Núñez, 2009, in Proceedings of the First EELA-2 Conference, R. Mayo, H. Hoeger, H. E. Castro, L. N. Ciuffo, R. Barbera, I. Dutra, P. Gavillet, B. Marechal (eds.), Madrid: Editorial CIEMAT, p. 219.
  2. M. L. Dubernet et al., 2010, J. Quant. Spectros. Rad. Transf., 111, 2151.
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  4. J. González et al., 2010, in Proceedings of the Latin American Conference on High Performance Computing (CLCAR 2010), p. 205.

*VAMDC is funded under the “Combination of Collaborative Projects and Coordination and Support Actions” Funding Scheme of The Seventh Framework Program. Call topic: INFRA-2008-1.2.2 Scientific Data Infrastructure. Grant Agreement number: 239108. The Venezuelan node has been supported by Corporación Parque Tecnológico de Mérida, by EELA-2 (E-science grid facility for Europe and Latin America) and GISELA (Grid Initiatives for e-Science virtual communities in Europe and Latin America).

Talk given at 3d CDAMOP, 14-16 December 2011, Delhi University, Delhi, India.

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  1. Whew. I hope I was one of those who have personally heard when this Talk was given.

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