Physical parameters and chemical abundances of δ Ceti

Levenhagen, R.S. (1) Künzel, R. (2) Leister, N. V. (2) ((1) Universidade Federal de São Paulo,  Diadema, SP, Brazil (2)Universidade de São Paulo,  São Paulo, SP, Brazil)

A detailed spectroscopic study of a β Cephei variable star, δ Ceti, is presented. Physical fundamental parameters are estimated from the best fitting of 26 neutral helium lines and Balmer profiles: effective temperature, superficial gravity and projected rotation velocity. Non-LTE abundances of He, C, N, O, Ne, Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Ar and Fe are achieved using model atmospheres with updated atomic data. Our analysis show an N-enrichment and Fe overabundance, with [O/Fe]≅ ‑0.73 dex, confirming this object to be a metal-rich star, which is a requirement for the κ-mechanism to trigger the pulsations observed in β Cephei stars

See complete preprint –>…18…55L

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