Theoretical photoionization processes for aluminum-like P2+

HongBin Wang, Gang Jiang, Jie Duan

Institute of Atomic and Molecular Physics, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China

The theoretical photoionization cross sections for the ground and metastable states of Al-like P2+ are first time investigated in the photon energy range of 30–43.5 eV by the Dirac R-matrix method, and a good agreement between the dipole length and velocity form is achieved. The effects of the partial photoionization on the total PI of ground and metastable states are discussed. Our theoretical results are consistent with the latest experimental measurement, only some discrepancies are found. The channel coupling effects play an important role in the photoionization of Al-like P2+. The resonance energies and quantum defects are obtained, where a comparison between the theoretical and experimental data is made. It is worth noting that the theoretical resonance is as large as 0.28 eV. Our results can serve as a reference to further study the PI of Al-like P2+ in theory and experiment and be regarded as a supplement for Opacity Project TOP base results.

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