Experimental radiative lifetimes for highly excited states and calculated oscillator strengths for lines of astrophysical interest in singly ionized cobalt (Co II)

P. Quinet (1,2) V. Fivet (1), P. Palmeri (1), L. Engstrom (3), H. Hartman (4;5), H. Lundberg (3) and H. Nilsson (5)

(1) Physique Atomique et Astrophysique, Universite de Mons, Belgium
(2) IPNAS, Universite de Liege, Sart Tilman, Belgium
(3) Department of Physics, Lund University, Sweden
(5) Materials Science and Applied Mathematics, Malmö University, Sweden
(4) Lund Observatory, Lund University, Sweden

This work reports new experimental radiative lifetimes and calculated oscillator strengths for transitions of astrophysical interest in singly ionized cobalt. More precisely, nineteen radiative lifetimes in Co+ have been measured with the time-resolved laser-induced

fluorescence technique using one- and two-step excitations. Out of these, seven belonging to the high lying 3d7(4F)4d configuration in the energy range 90697 – 93738 cm-1 are new, and the other twelve from the 3d7(4F)4p configuration with energies between 45972 and 49328 cm-1 are compared with previous measurements.

In addition, a relativistic Hartree-Fock model including core-polarization effects has been employed to compute transition rates. Supported by the good agreement between theory and experiment for the lifetimes, new reliable transition probabilities and oscillator strengths have been deduced for 5080 Co II transitions in the spectral range 114-8744 nm.

Article –> http://mnras.oxfordjournals.org/content/462/4/3912.abstract

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