Special Session EWASS 2018: Atomic and molecular data needs for astronomy and astrophysics

The aim of this session is to encourage further dialogue and promote knowledge transfer between astronomers with strong atomic and molecular data needs and those who produce this data from laboratory measurements and calculations. We hope this will foster new collaborations for the future, which, through targeted measurements and calculations, will accelerate the rate at which astronomers’ needs can be met.

Talks and posters will focus on four main areas:

* Data requirements of astronomers
* Laboratory-measured atomic and molecular data
* Theoretical calculations
* Databases

We encourage all astronomers involved in the ongoing spectroscopic surveys such as Gaia-ESO, APOGEE or GALAH or in future ones such as WEAVE, 4MOST or DESI to attend in order to explain their data needs.

The emphasis throughout the special session will remain on knowledge transfer; with astronomers highlighting their data needs, and spectroscopists and theorists presenting new data of astronomical interest and the capabilities of their facilities for future collaborations.

Link: http://eas.unige.ch/EWASS/session.jsp?id=SS4

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