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Improved log(gf) Values for Lines of Ti II and New Titanium Abundances in the Sun and the Metal-Poor Star HD 84937

Wood, Michale (1), Lawler J. E. (1), Sneden C. (2) and Cowan J. J. (3) ((1) University of Wisconsin; (2) University of Texas; (3) University of Oklahoma) New atomic transition probability measurements for 364 lines of Ti II in the … Continue reading

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Current Status of Atomic Spectroscopy Databases at NIST

Alexander Kramida, Yuri Ralchenko, Joseph Reader  (National Institute of Standards and Technology) NIST’s Atomic Spectroscopy Data Center maintains several online databases on atomic spectroscopy. These databases can be accessed via the Physical Reference Data  web page. Our main database, Atomic … Continue reading

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Modeling of Ca II absorption features in the solar atmosphere

Alexandra Truebenbach (Wesleyan University) The Ca II H and K and infrared triplet lines are important diagnostics of the solar atmosphere. To accurately infer solar atmospheric properties from their observed spectra, we need realistic atomic data. By using a new … Continue reading

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