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Improved log(gf) Values for Lines of Ti II and New Titanium Abundances in the Sun and the Metal-Poor Star HD 84937

Wood, Michale (1), Lawler J. E. (1), Sneden C. (2) and Cowan J. J. (3) ((1) University of Wisconsin; (2) University of Texas; (3) University of Oklahoma) New atomic transition probability measurements for 364 lines of Ti II in the … Continue reading

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Current Status of Atomic Spectroscopy Databases at NIST

Alexander Kramida, Yuri Ralchenko, Joseph Reader¬† (National Institute of Standards and Technology) NIST’s Atomic Spectroscopy Data Center maintains several online databases on atomic spectroscopy. These databases can be accessed via the Physical Reference Data¬† web page. Our main database, Atomic … Continue reading

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Modeling of Ca II absorption features in the solar atmosphere

Alexandra Truebenbach (Wesleyan University) The Ca II H and K and infrared triplet lines are important diagnostics of the solar atmosphere. To accurately infer solar atmospheric properties from their observed spectra, we need realistic atomic data. By using a new … Continue reading

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