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The Impact of Recent Advances in Laboratory Astrophysics on our Understanding of the Cosmos

D. W. Savin (1) N. S. Brickhouse (2) J. J. Cowan (3) R. P. Drake (4) S. R. Federman (5) G. J. Ferland (6) A. Frank (7) M. S. Gudipati (8) W. C. Haxton (9) E. Herbst (10) S. Profumo … Continue reading

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Collision rates and the determination of atmospheric parameters

Claudio Mendoza (IVIC/CeCalCULA) The difficulties to obtain accurate atomic data for astrophysical applications are well known, and perhaps reinforced in the many entries in this forum. But we have not come across discrepancies of six orders of magnitude in atomic data until the … Continue reading

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